Global Payment Acceptance

Process all your payments via a standardized API over a huge selection of payment processors. Adding a payment method to your shop has never been easier.

Integrated Checkout Flows

Create beautiful and integrated checkout flows where your customer does not have to leave your shopping cart. We offer the option to take card via our customizable payment pages or via the integrated IFrame Option.

Create beautiful and integrated checkout flows with customizable payment pages or iFrame option.

IFrame Option

In case you want to stay out of the PCI DSS scope as much as possible (PCI Level 4 - SAQ A; More information can be found on our PCI DSS Page) and still have beautifully integrated payment pages, we offer you a toolset that lets you integrate the payment pages of your provider fully embedded in your checkout flow as an iframe. This iframe can be triggered externally via JavaScript and can be fully styled with our integrated resource editor.

More technical information about how the Iframe has to be integrated in your application can be found in our Iframe documentation.

Payment Page

In case you want to use the simpler approach you can also use our customizable payment pages that can be loaded in an overlay or via a simple redirection. The built in resource editor allows you to fully customize the look and feel by adjusting css and our .twig-Templates.

Create customizable payment pages with the built-in resource editor.

Fully Standardized Payment Process

Everybody claims it but no one really does it - test us. We offer one single flow and process for every payment method we integrated. Once you integrated the API you can add additional payment methods without changing your infrastructure, process or data collection. This has the following implications:

  • Payment Method can easily be added with just a few clicks.
  • Should a payment method require additional data that you do not send (e.g. Invoice generally requires a birth date to be processed via a third party) we do not deny the payment but instead just ask your customer dynamically for this information on the payment page / inside the iframe. Of course you can also supply this information directly.
  • Payment methods like prepayment require a completely different process. We therefore added the delivery flag. We care for the complexity of the payment method and tell you when the payment is suitable for delivery based on the information we have - remember the transaction process is always the same.

More Information about the transaction flow including additional information on the different payment states can be found in our API Process Documentation.

Integration Methods

Use our (mobile) SDK

In order to ease the integration of your system into wallee we created a SDK in various languages that you can use. The SDK and further instructions on how to make use of them can be found in our github repository.

In case you plan a mobile app. We do also offer iOS and Android SDKs that facilitate payment acceptance in your mobile application.

In case the SDK for your language is not available, we do also provide a machine-readable API definition written in Swagger. More information about how to import the definition and make use of it can be found in our API documentation .


Jumpstart your integration with plugins for Shopping carts. We currently built Plugins for the following shopping carts:

In case you are looking for another shopping cart maybe you want to take a look to our other product that provides pre-built plugins for a lot of shopping carts and processors.

SaaS Solution / Platforms

wallee already works with different SaaS Platforms and integrations. Start selling online with one of the following hosted shopping cart provider that let you create an online store and start selling in minutes:


Use webhooks to be notified about events that happen in your account. Webhooks let you register a URL that will be invoked notify anytime an event happens in your account. There is an extensive list of events that you can register for in order to keep the processes in your applications up to date and streamline your process with ours. As we support alternative payment methods where we have to redirect the customer to complete the payments we use webhook as a general concept to notify for every status change.

There are various use cases where it makes sense to use webhooks - like:

  • Update a customer's membership record in your database when a subscription payment succeeds or fails multiple times
  • Receive automatic information about chargebacks or reversals

Additional Information about webhook events, security etc. can be found in our webhook documentation.

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