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Native Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify that seamlessly integrate into your Shopify checkout. Simply sell recurring products alongside your standard products.

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Sell Subscriptions in Shopify

According to the economist "80% of companies are seeing a change in how their customers want to access and pay for good and services and 50% of these same companies are changing their pricing models as a result." Successful Shopify Merchants sell subscription products alongside their existing products and services by replacing or adding a new model how to gain subscribers and fighting churn. Thanks to the wallee Shopify Subscription App this is now possible for a reasonable price. We do not charge additional fees for recurring orders.

Seamless Payment Integration

Benefit from a seamless best in class payment integration for the payment of your recurring products in your Shopify checkout that also supports 3D Secure and the latest regulation and security standards. Your clients remain on the Shopify Checkout and you have full control over the user experience. Also the payment forms are displayed inside your checkout without redirection.

Combine Standard Products with Subscriptions

Add subscriptions on individual products, entire or mixed carts. Define pricing options and billing cycles. You can sell one-time products alongside recurring products. We automatically extract all the recurring products of the order and create a subscription. All orders can be managed inside Shopify. Whenever a new recurring order is due we will create automatically a new order inside your Shop.

Easy Setup

The setup of the application is easy. You can install the payment gateways with a click. Once the application is installed you can start to configure all your recurring products based on their variants, define pricing strategies, billing cycles and many more attributes.

Shopify Subscription Documentation.

Shopify Subscription Features

Have a look at the wide area of features that our Shopify Subscription app brings out of the box. Sell digital and physical goods by using charge flows.

Customer Control

Give subscribers the flexibility and control they'll love and deserve. Customers can suspend and cancel their subscription direclty in their account. Adding this to your theme is very easy and done within seconds.

Reasonably Priced

We do not charge an additional percentage fee for recurring orders as other comparable apps for Shopify subscriptions do. There is also no additoinal monthly fee. All costs can be found online on our Pricing Page.

Manage Subscriptions

We provide you a simple tool to manage your customer's subscription. Add product, swap product, change prices pause or suspend suspend subscrptions with a click.

Create trial periods

Offer a free trial period to your customer and let them test your producta before they commit to a paid subscription plan.

Engage with your customers

Engage effectively with your customers. wallee sends billing e-mails and reminders or request to update payment methods automatically. Create your own documents and e-mails by using the other features, which have been built into the product.

Store payment details

wallee is tokenizing your payment data. wallee recognizes the moment a payment method has expired and is asking your customers to renew the information independently.

Have a look at our shopify subscription documentation.


If you would like to get a first impression about how the store looks like have a look into the Demo Store.


Keep your business in sync. Webhooks notify you about events that happen in your account or space. This allows you to keep your business in sync.

Additional Information about webhook events, security etc. can be found in our webhook documentation.

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