Wallee Shopify payment integration

Accept payments in your Shopify store with our integration for Shopify and process credit card payments with 3-D Secure as well as payments with alternative local payment methods.

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Integrated Payment Form

The look and feel offers an onsite integrated payment solution without redirection to the payment page of the processor. The payment process stays in your Shopify Checkout. It allows to embody the payment form directly in your checkout and still stay fully PCI compliant. The integrated payment page uses an adjustable iframe that gives your clients the feeling that it is fully incorporated to your store - even on mobile devices.

wallee enables integrated payment forms in Shopify..

The payment page is integrated on mobile or desktop devices (no redirection needed).

Easy Setup and Use

Just connect your Shopify store to the wallee integration as described in our manual. Once the connection is made you can start to accept payments. The best thing is you can easily add additional payment processors or payment methods with just one click due to the standardized payment flow.

Connect your store Demo Store

Credit Card with 3-D Secure

Accept payments securely using the 3-D Secure feature that allows you as merchant to be protected via the liability shift rules of the card brands. Wallee is PSD2 compliant and can process secure payments integrated in your Shopify shop. To learn more about how we achieve PSD2 compliance and how you could use it, can be read in our blog post.

Easily integrate local payment methods

Our integration allows you to accept alternative local payment methods such as Alipay, iDEAL, BCMC, PostFinance E-Finance, PostFinance Card and more via every integrated payment processor in your Shopify store.

Available Payment Methods

Synchronize Transactions

In case you have the wallee app installed in your Shopify store, activities that you perform in wallee such as capturing of payments are automatically synchronized into your Shopify store. The wallee app can easily be installed with a click directly from the wallee application backend. You can also refund transactions from Shopify that will be synced automatically.

With the reconciliation integration you will soon be able to also sync the transactions directly into your accounting software.

Selling Subscriptions?

Do you want to sell recurring products? Have a look at our Shopify Subscription Integration that allows you to sell recurring products alongside standard product. The application integrates natively into your Shopify Checkout.


If you would like to get a first impression about how the store looks like have a look into the Demo Store. Alternatively, you find a screencast below that shows you how easy the integration in your Shopify store is and how it looks like.

Supported Features for Shopify

The wallee Shopify integration supports the following features:

Payment Method Selection in Shopify
Payment Method Pre-validation
Integrated Payment Form
One-click PaymentsLearn more
Trigger Refunds from within Shopify
Synchronize refund from wallee to Shopify
Multiple Refunds
Trigger Partial and Full Completions from within Shopify
Trigger Partial and Full Completions from within wallee
Multiple Completions
Dedicated process for suspicious transactions
Mail and Telephone Orders (MoTo)
Subscription Handling
Smart Routing
3-D Secure Payments

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