Slack Notifications

Receive notifications regarding payment issues that require your attention directly in your Slack channel.

wallee is a payment hub that manages your electronic payments through a standardized payment process. With the standardized payment API you are able to process payments through every integrated payment processor in the platform and you only have to integrate once. Our focus is to standardize and automate most of the processes associated with the processing. However, it might be that there are issues that require your manual intervention. Should this be the case you will be notified directly in your Slack channel.

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Complete Manual Tasks On the Fly

Manual tasks can occur due to various reasons. Decide directly in the Slack app how the issue should be resolved. So in other words should the suspicious transaction be accepted or declined. You will not have to login to the application. In case the message is posted to your team it will be updated manually as soon as one of the team member completed the issue.

Receive notifications in your Slack channel, so the payment issues can be resolved.

Selective Notifications

When setting up the notifications you are able to select in which channel you want to receive the notifications and how often. You have the choice between immediate notification or just a daily summary. Beside Slack we also offer additional way of communications like e-mail.

There are various occasions when we have to create a manual tasks:

  • In case we identify a suspicious transaction where you manually have to decide if you want to accept the transactions.
  • Hickups in the transaction process can happen and we do not know the status of the transaction.
  • Issues in the reconciliation process or issues with dunning cases, etc.
Decide how and when you want to receive the notifications through slack.

Easy Setup

The setup of wallee in Slack is easy within minutes.

  • Click on the Add to Slack Button. Once you're logged in, click 'Authorize' and you're done.
  • Set up the Slack notification inside wallee and you are all set.

Fore more information about the setup Slack documentation.

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