Subscriptions for digital or physical goods – or connect your saas platform and use our metered billing features


According to the economist "80% of companies are seeing a change in how their customers want to access and pay for good and services and 50% of these same companies are changing their pricing models as a result." Successful e-commerce companies rethink their old model of shipping units by replacing or adding a new model how to gain subscribers and fighting churn. In order to succeed, you need to have a powerful subscription tool on your side.

Sell physical goods by using charge flows

There is a difference between selling digital and physical goods. When you decide to sell physical goods you have to be active as a merchant. You want to make sure that recurring orders are created on a regular basis in your store so that you can start shipping them. In comparison, when you decide to sell digital goods, you don't have to think about the shipping topic and the subscriptions just go on. In both cases, charging your customers payment information is complex.

This is why we integrated the concept of charge flows into the wallee platform. Charge flows give you the opportunity to decide how your customers will be charged in case we do have a payment token that is valid and can be used and how the payment information is collected in case the token is invalid or not yet stored.

So all you need to do is to trigger a charge flow directly from your store. Based on the information that is stored about the customer and the charge flow level configuration we start to charge your client or if needed collect the payment information automatically by sending him a payment link or using a different payment method.

See the charge flow documentation.

Product subscriptions for platforms and digital goods

Sell digital and physical goods by using charge flows.

Our fully featured subscription management platform provides rapid time-to-value without requiring massive integration effort and expense.

Unlimited number of products

Create as many products as you want. Unleash your revenue possibilities by creating an unlimited number of subscription products and components. You may choose to offer a variety of different billing models and pricing tiers to provide an adequate choice for your customers.

All currencies accepted

Define the accepted currencies for your product. All prices will then be managed in these currencies. wallee also takes care of currency conversions in case customers want to change their subscriptions.

Manage upgrades and downgrades

Let your customers upgrade or downgrade their plans or change billing cycles. We take care of automated customer communication, as well as the management of billing each customer according to his plan.

Create trial periods

Offer a free trial period to your customer and let them test your product before they commit to a paid subscription plan. Free tiers or setup fees can be added to product components easily. Simply add the amount in the different currencies that you want to support.

Engage with your customers

Engage effectively with your customers. wallee sends billing e-mails and reminders automatically. Create your own documents and e-mails by using the other features, which have been built into the product.

Create tax rules

Create your different tax rules and tax classes that will be applied to the subscription products automatically.

Store payment details

wallee is saving your data of payment. You don't have to think about PCI-Compliance or your data security. wallee recognizes the moment a payment method has expired and is asking your customers to renew the information independently.

Usage based pricing

wallee is also handling complex billing agreements e.g. example monthly variable amounts or usage based pricings models depending on used vouchers with a fixed basic charge like lincense fees.

Have a look at our detailed subscription documentation.

wallee integrates a huge selection of payment processors and methods.

Payment Processing

Wallee integrates a huge selection of payment gateways / processors. It is very easy to add payment methods.

We handle the creation of payment tokens. Tokens are a securely stored, untraceable reference to your customers payment method that can be used for an automated billing once the subscription is due again. Should the payment information of your customer expire, we automatically send an e-mail asking your client to update his payment information. It is also possible to create different level of reminders.

The payment will be processed either via our hosted payment page with a redirection or via the seamless iframe integration. For more information visit our payment processing section.

Billing models

wallee supports many different billing models as pricing and packaging is at the core of a successful business.

We know that today's world requires solutions that can deal with complex billing models. Because at the heart of every successful business is pricing and packaging. This is why we support a huge variety of different billing models.

Fixed recurring model

The fixed recurring model is used by merchants that want to charge a fixed price on a regular basis. The price is typically charged at the beginning of every billing cycle and offers the merchant a continuous revenue stream.

Main use case for a fixed recurring model is a standard e-commerce case where you sell a digital good on a regular schedule based on the client's preference (i. e. streaming subscription for your video service).

Metered pricing

In case you want to charge your merchant on a more complex model based on the traffic used or units consumed on your platform we also offer a usage-based pricing model where you are able to send us the user's consumption on a regular basis that we are going to charge automatically at the end of the billing period depending on your (charging strategies).

You can choose between different metrics. We can charge based on the number of used units (i. e. sent text messages over your platform) or based on the average usage over the billing period.


Keep your business in sync. Webhooks notify you about events that happen in your account or space. For example, invoke a webhook for all the events you are subscribed to related to the subscriptions like when a customer is charged successfully for a subscription. You can then trigger additional events like emails, shipments, changes to user permissions, etc.

Additional Information about webhook events, security etc. can be found in our webhook documentation.

Charging strategies and reduce churn

Create charging strategies based on different condition types like the outstanding amount or used payment method to define how your subscriber is charged. It is known that the likelihood of credit card limits or the direct debits declines are significantly lower at the beginning of the month.

Charging strategies are easy to set-up and a very effective tool to increase your conversion and lower your churn due to declined transactions.

Reduce churn through the creation of charging strategies.

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