Payment Links

Online Payments

Accept all major credit and debit card brands and choose from a big selection of additional alternative payment methods. Accept payments on any device with all popular payment methods and grow your business faster around the world. The onboarding is easy and can be done online.

We understand that the look and feel is very important to you. Therefore, the payment forms are directly rendered in your checkout. There is no redirection to old-fashioned payment pages anymore. And the best thing: the setup is very easy. Our free payment plugins / extensions for the major shopping carts are installed and configured with one click. No long configuration needed.

Built for merchants, agencies and developers. We offer a competitive pricing to accept payments. All our plans also include support for plugins. As an agency you do no longer have to deal with multiple providers. We know what you need.

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Terminal Payment

Beside E-Commerce Payments wallee also offers payment at the Point of sale. The wallee POS Terminals extends your online presence into the physical world, enabling you to build your own face to face checkout. wallee allows you to unify your payment infrastructure by rolling out standardized hardware in Europe.

Unify your checkout experience across your different payment channels and create new checkout process by using our cloud terminal API. wallee is built to meet the needs and challenges of modern merchants payment needs with flexible state of the art APIs and terminal fleet management. You will now have all your data in one place and profit of all features like reconcliation, tokenization etc.

Trust in our quality and service. We are aware that there is no room for error when it comes to payment in your store. We already serve over 30'000 customers globally with our solution.

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Subscriptions / Recurring Payments

Enjoy the freedom to create any payment plan that fits your business, so you can effortlessly collect your recurring payments. We take care of storing your customers payment information securely and we take care of charging your customer when the payment is due. However, we also have all the flows integrated when a payment fails. You can setup retry logics or send out payment reminders and overdue notices.

We know that selling digital and physical goods have different business requirements in terms of order management, subscription handling and charging of customers. This is why we created a solution for both cases.

Managing and scaling subscriptions was complex. Until now. You can setup products, complex billing structures, update and downgrade plans all directly in wallee. Once this has been done let us do the math and charge your customers. We take care of calculation usage and taking the payments fully automatically. Stay up to date using our webhooks.

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Accept Payments Easy Using Our Integrations / Plugins

All our plugins are integrated with just a few clicks, no technical experience needed. We offer plugins for all major shopping carts like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, and many more. However, not only is the integration very simple the plugin only requires three pairs of credentials. The rest is done fully automatically. The plugin will synchronize all your payment methods and settings into the shopping cart automatically.

Our platform is built for agencies and developers. We therefore place strong emphasis on comprehensive support. This means that we help you to setup your payment acceptance in your online shop with getting the relevant contracts for the different payment means but also providing support with the technical integration. Should you have problems using our API or our Plugins you can get in touch with us.

Do you want to accept payments in your native IOS or Android mobile app? No worries, we provide a native app SDK that allows you to accept payments in your app fast and secure. Our native libraries for Android and IOS let you collect credit card information without having to deal with sensitive data passing through your servers.

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Automated Accounting

Accounting for credit card payments and other payment methods such as PayPal, TWINT, PostFinance, SOFORT, etc. is a pain - we know it. You receive bulk payments on your bank account and you need to reconcile them against your invoices. We will automate this process fully for you. Lean back and let us do the work for you. We provide you an integration for a fully automated accounting.

Connect your business with your accounting software. The accounting integration of wallee imports acquiring files from your different payment methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard Acquirers, TWINT, PostFinance, and many more. We automatically fetch that information and match them with your payments. We also synchronize Chargebacks and account for credit card commissions etc. This allows you to fully automate all your accounting in a sub-ledger that you can export to your accounting solution.

Are you also accepting face to face payments on payment terminals and you need to reconcile payments from different channels? We are working with partners that provide you a full reconciliation software that you can run in the cloud or on premise with exports and integrations to all major accounting and ERP systems such as SAP, Sage, Abacus, etc.

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Payment Links

Payment Links are an easy way to process transactions and collect payments in case you do not want to implement any backend or use a shopping cart with product management or stock management. You can simply copy a bit of code on your website and turn any page into a donation form or small shop to accept payments.

Do you want to provide an additional option to your customers to pay outstanding invoices via other payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Alipay Sofort, etc.? If so, you can use our payment links in your invoice software or accounting tool. The links allow you to pass additional details to us like amount, customer name etc. This allows you to send out reminders on your own that contain those payment links for your customer to pay the invoice.

Do you want to place a QR code on your invoices or reminders that allows customers to pay easily outstanding payments using another payment method? Wallee can also handle your customized invoices or dunning process and therefore we can place a QR Code on your Invoices that customers can use to pay the invoice easy.

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