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Is wallee a payment gateway?

No, not directly. There are payment methods that can be processed directly. But in general we provide a single API that allows you to work with a huge number of payment processors.

In order to start accepting payments via wallee you generally require a contract with one of the integrated processors.

How do we decide which new payment gateways to add?

Gateway support is added based on number of merchants connected to a gateway and customer support as well as strategic partnerships with the different payment providers.

If you are missing your payment gateway there is a huge chance that we have scheduled an integration already. If not, we are very happy to get to know it. Therefore please fill out the contact form above and get in touch with us.

In case you are a payment service provider yourself and you are interested in a partnership and the gateway support you can find more information on our payment service provider program page.

Everything around PCI

wallee is a PCI level 1 compliant payment provider. This guarantees that your information is securely stored based on the latest valid best-practice guidelines developed by the major credit card brands. This also allows us to collect payment information of your store in our payment forms on your behalves.

By using our payment page or iframe integration we ensure that the sensitive data never touches your servers. As a merchant, you generally have to ensure PCI compliance yourself if you process credit card data. In case you use wallee this can be done very easily because your server never touches sensitive cardholder data. You can advise your payment provider that you need to fill out the Self-Assessment-Questionnaire (SAQ - A).

In case your provider asks you to provide our Attestation of Compliance (AOC) you can find the relevant PCI documents and more information on the questionnaire and the process generally on our PCI page.

What currencies does wallee support?

wallee supports every known currency.

You can accept charges in your country’s supported currencies from almost any credit card and debit card no matter where your customer lives. However, it is possible that your customers in other countries may be charged additional fees by their bank. Those fees are either bank conversion fees or foreign transaction fees.

The currency that is paid to your acquiring bank account depends on your acquiring contract / scheme contract. In case you want to change this, we advise you to get in touch with your payment processor.