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You also have the possibility to ask your questions in our community board. If you have inputs and ideas please use our ideas board.

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Is wallee a payment gateway?

Yes, but a special one. We offer you two integration possibilities:

You have the option to connect directly to our integrated credit card acquirers and payment methods. In this case we offer a very competitive pricing and you can directly sign the different contracts in your account.

Alternatively you have the option to connect the same API to a huge number of integrated payment processors.

Our pricing is very simple: Wallee only charges you a small monthly fee for the support and maintenance of the platform and plugins and a very tiny transaciton fee. Depending on your integration model there are additional percentage or fixed costs with the payment processors.

How do we decide which new integrations to add?

Addionnal integrations are added based on number of merchants connected to a gateway and customer support as well as strategic partnerships with the different payment providers.

If you are missing your integration there is a huge chance that we have scheduled an integration already. However, we are always happy to hear your inputs. Please post your ideas and suggestions into our ideas board.

In case you are a payment service provider yourself and you are interested in a partnership and the gateway support you can find more information on our payment service provider program page.

Everything around PCI

wallee is a PCI level 1 compliant payment provider. This guarantees that your information is securely stored based on the latest valid best-practice guidelines developed by the major credit card brands. This also allows us to collect payment information of your store in our payment forms on your behalf.

By using our payment page or iframe integration we ensure that the sensitive data never touches your servers. As a merchant, you generally have to ensure PCI compliance yourself if you process credit card data. In case you use wallee this can be done very easily because your server never touches sensitive cardholder data. You can advise your payment provider that you need to fill out the Self-Assessment-Questionnaire (SAQ - A).

In case your provider asks you to provide our Attestation of Compliance (AOC) you can find the relevant PCI documents and more information on the questionnaire and the process generally on our PCI page.

What currencies does wallee support?

wallee supports every known currency.

You can accept charges in your country’s supported currencies from almost any credit card and debit card no matter where your customer lives. However, it is possible that your customers in other countries may be charged additional fees by their bank. Those fees are either bank conversion fees or foreign transaction fees. The currency that is paid to your acquiring bank account depends on your acquiring contract / scheme contract. In case you want to change this, we advise you to get in touch with your payment processor.

Does wallee support subscription / recurring payments?

Yes, wallee offers you two different ways to bill a customer for recurring payments:

  1. You can use Charge Flows where the payment is triggered and scheduled by the merchant. This is mainly the case for subscriptions involving physical products where you do want to check inventory first.
  2. The second option is to use the Subscriptions feature whenever the handling of subscribers, product versions including price calculations etc. should be scheduled by us.

More information can be found in the Subscriptions Documentation.

Can I use wallee to process payments on any shop system or web page?

We have developed free integrations and plugins for the most used shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento, Shopware, OpenCart and many more. You can process payments using our pre-built plugins and integrations and in the same occasion get access to all other wallee features. See all supported integrations in the Integration Marketplace.

Additionnally to those plugins and integrations, wallee allows to easily collect payments on any website by simply placing an html snippet using our Payment Links feature. This way you can place the form in any static content generation tool like Jekyll, Github Pages, Hexo or simple website Builder like WIX, Jimdo or Google Sites and many more.

Does wallee support tokenization / one click payments?

Yes, wallee supports token creation in order to securely save payment information and use it for one click payments, recurring payments and also to create transactions without asking the customer for the payment information again. This is a great feature to offer a better buying experience to your customers, speed up the checkout process and increase your conversion rate.

Tokenization requirements:

  • The payment method supports tokenization (check the processor page).
  • The one-click payment mode has to be activated in the payment method configuration.

How does wallee help me handle my invoice payments?

Wallee offers various ways to accept invoice payments in your shop:

  • You can use one of the supported invoice providers (such as MF Group or RatePay) for guarantied invoice. This allows you to outsource the risks (in case of non-payment) to those providers.
  • For Swiss merchants, we have built an ISR integration that allows to create in-payment ISR slips, automatically match payments with your bank account and manage outstanding payments.
  • You can also create invoices and manage the payments manually.

Additionnaly, wallee can handle for you the entire invoice workflow from invoice creation to debt collection:

  • Invoice / ISR creation.
  • Transaction import and automatic matching.
  • PDF creation and cloud printing.
  • Dunning for outstanding invoices based on your custom-tailored dunning process with fees.
  • Debt collection in case the payment is still outstanding.

More information is available on our Invoice Payments page.

How does wallee help me handle order emails and documents?

Offering a pleasant buying experience to your customers implies to have in place a powerful email and document handling. Wallee allows you to fully customize order emails, invoices or any other document that you wish to attach to communications with your customers via our built in resource editor. The editor includes general settings where you can change basic things such adding a logo, choosing a font, text color, customizing email content etc. There is also the possibilty for advanced users experienced in TWIG, CSS and HTML to use the editor in order to modify the TWIG files direcly and get more control over the styling and the elements.

Last but not least, wallee offers two ways to deliver the documents to your customers:

  • Send it via email using our reliable servers or simply connecting wallee to your email server to send the documents via your infrastructure.
  • Print the document using our cloud print service to print the documents over the cloud directly on your printer whenever you receive a new order or open a dunning case.

More information is available on our Document Handling page.