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Together we are stronger. We are constantly looking how we can create a better product through partnerships. Find out what we can offer you.

Partner Program is a payment hub that changes the way merchants sell. We are aware that in order to achieve this goal we have to work with partners that fit our strategy and offer products that help us to achieve our vision. We are looking for Gateway Partners to increase the coverage of integrated processors. So in case you are a payment service provider you may want to have a look at the Gateway Program.

Do you have an extension that works with wallee or any other service that helps merchants to simplify and automate their processes then have a look at our general partnership program for developers and partners and lets work together on a joint communication and marketing of our capabilities. In case you are an agency and you look for an interesting referral have a look at our agency program.

Gateway Partner Program

Are you looking for access to a huge network of customers that use hosted shopping carts, self-hosted shopping carts or enterprise integration? wallee offers a platform for payment service provider that takes care of the payment integration including direct merchant support.

Our long experience and strict concentration on payment interfaces has allowed us to develop payment integrations for numerous Payment Service Providers into hosted and self-hosted platforms like Hybris or Shopify. Our partners report that their costs for development, maintenance and support have reduced massively.

Many Payment Service Providers have taken the road of having web agencies develop their modules for a lot of money. At the same time a substantial sum had to be spent on the maintenance of these integrations into the shopping carts and platforms. In addition, the PSP gets stuck with the support for their customers and is forced to conclude several contracts with different web agencies due to the unmanageable amount of different online shops. This has to stop. Therefore, we offer everything out of one hand.

What we can offer you

For you as a Payment Service Provider, integrations into shopping carts and platforms are crucial. This is the foundation in order to enable a huge customer base to use your services.

We offer an interesting all-round package for Payment Service Providers - all from one source:

  1. Integration into various hosted and self hosted shopping carts (Shopify, ECWID, Hybris, and many more).
  2. Your merchants can make use of all the features that wallee offers.
  3. We cover the entire integration field - from the Payment Page, hosted payment pages to a complete integration including refunds, token etc.
  4. Multilingual and direct customer support.
  5. No development and maintenance costs on your part.

All theses services are offered to you from the same service provider. You can outsource the entire development, the maintenance and the integration support directly to us.

Your Advantages

Focus on what you can do best. As a Payment Service Provider it is impossible for you to offer integration into the different shop systems including a network of integrations and other platforms for merchants. Your key competences lie in the processing of payments, not in the development and maintenance of shop systems. Our model therefore has several interesting advantages for you:

  1. Externalisation of the development costs to a professional
  2. Entire development and maintenance all from one hand.
  3. Your customers gain access to a huge ecosystem of integrations into different platforms right away. This allows you to offer a product that covers the main needs for your merchants from creating documents, to reconciliation and book keeping.

Become a Gateway Partner

Are you interested in working with us? Then contact us. We can give you more information about the conditions and timelines.

Extension Developers and Partners

A lot of businesses already use wallee to build and manage their internet business. Collectively, we accept and process thousands of payments every year. While we already offer a big selection of features, there are some capabilities we do not offer out of the box—that’s where you come in! By building an integration on top of wallee, our network of customers can use your products instantly and seamlessly.

Did you develop an extension that works with wallee or do you own a service that offers additional benefits to merchants? Then get in touch with us . We are going to have a look at your work and we are more than happy to design a landing page together and add you to our partner directory that will be available soon.

Agencies Partner Programm

As an agency we value your feedback and we are quite sure that we have a lot to offer to you from a product standpoint but also from a financial incentive.

Firstly, in case you are working with wallee we offer you access to a huge network of extension and payment service provider. This means with one partner you are able to serve your customers needs with one platform. No matter if your customer sells locally or wants to expand into other markets. This means you have a solution that is future-proof. You are able to offer a good service no matter the size of your customer. Besides that the processes and work you do stay the same you do not have to get used to new platforms.

Secondly, we offer interesting affiliate fees in case you refer customer to us. In case the customer you refer to us that uses the integration package we want to share part of that integration fee with you and the best thing is you will not have to take care for the integration yourself.

If you are interested in participating get in touch with us .

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