Orange inpayment Slip (ISR)

The ISR inpayment slip is a very efficient way to collect payments via invoice and prepayment in Switzerland with your bank.

ISR Inpayment Slip

ISR stands for inpayment slip with a reference number (orange payment slip). Payments with a reference number are processed automatically and therefore more quickly. ISR is a very widely used payment methods among merchants in Switzerland as the reference makes invoicing and sales ledger accounting easier.

How does it work

ISR payment slips are a very cheap and well know payment method in Switzerland that allow merchants to streamline their invoice processes due to a better matching of payment in their bank account.

ISR inpayment slips can be processed directly via the Post (ESR) or via your bank (BESR). There are slight differences in the processing of the slips and the generation of the reference number but otherwise they are identical.

However, the correct creation of the payment slips including number generation creates challenges for merchants. We therefore included a extensive toolset to overcome the hurdles.

Unique Order Reference with Checksum

Every invoice contains a unique payment reference number normally also contains the amount to be paid, the identification, a checksum and the details of the debited person. Whenever a person pays the invoice with the account number on the inpayment slip he will be asked to fill in the details including the reference number. Due to the checksum in the reference number, misspelling of the number is not possible.

Payment Advice From the Bank (.V11 / camt053 / camt054)

Once the invoice is paid and the money has arrived the merchant will be informed in his e-banking account about the payment - also known as .v11 file. The bank will provide you a file to download. This file can be imported into wallee. The file contains all the information to identify the invoice including the amount and - if applicable transaction costs in case the slip was processed manually at the bank counter. Based on this the payment can automatically be matched and the invoice can be closed. In case the is not paid on time then you can automatically trigger the dunning process.

Cost optimization

More information about the look and feel can be found at your local Swiss bank. Alternatively we linked two brochures from major banks in Switzerland that explain the process in more details:


We provide plugins for an easy one-click integration without any development knowledge for the most used Shopping Carts (Shopify, Magento, Magento 2, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and many more). The integration is very simple just download the plugins from our Integration Marketplace and Configure the Connector.


Accepting payments with inpayment slips is quite easy. All you need to have as precondition is a Bank Account and an ISR Participant Number. Your bank will be able to help you with the registration.

The payment information should be printed onto special paper that already contain the slip preprinted. You can purchase this paper with your local bank. Due to the automated processing of the slips it is essential that the printing guidelines are followed. We help you to position the information on the PDF so that it matches your print settings. However there are also alternative delivery methods.

Invoice Payment with QR Code

Print a QR code on your invoice documents or reminders using the Instant Invoice Payment feature and allow your customers to pay their invoice instantly using another payment method such as credit card in order to receive the goods quicker.

This will also help you reduce the amount of outstanding invoices.

Deliver the ISR Slips to your customer

wallee lets you send the ISR invoices to your customers via E-Mail by using our E-Mail infrastructure or automatically print it via our Cloud Print Service Service.

ISR inpayment slips are either added at the end of the invoice on a new page or just on the last page. In case you want to use the pre-printed ISR paper that you get from your bank you can select to print the last page from a different tray.

You have the option to print the invoices on your local printer viaGoogle Cloud Print or you automatically send the invoice via post to your clients using our Pingen Integration. The same delivery methods also apply to dunning documents.

Reconciliation and Dunning

Based on the payment report from your bank we are able to automatically close paid invoice and start to remind your customers based on open invoices. Depending on your bank we are able to import the ISR-Payment Reports automatically. Otherwise you can upload them manually on a regular basis in the backend.

See ISR Processor Documentation

Part of the reconciliation is the dunning feature that lets you configure dunning flows and reminder templates based on your needs.

More about the topic of dunning flows can be found in our use cases or if you prefer to get down to the technical details in our detailed dunning documentation.

Dunning Documentation

Migration to ISO 20022

With the migration to ISO 20022 your bank will start to provide the new report files. Detailed information about the migration timelines can be asked from your bank. wallee is able to process the new XML based files camt053 including detail records as the existing v11-files.

More Information about the migration in our Blog

Demo and Tutorial

To see how the integration of the ISR payment slips could look like, you can have a look at our tutorial. More information about the migration to wallee you can find in the documentation or within the blogpost.

Plugins and SDKs

With the integration of the ISR feature into the wallee gateway you are able to create ISR Payment Slips including all related workflows like dunning very easily. All you need to do is to connect your business to the wallee gateway. In order to do this have a look at our pre-existing plugins (Magento, WooCommerce, Shopware, etc) or simply use an existing SDK.

Have a look at our existing Integrations and SDK

Check our Documentation

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